Going LONG on Housing Stocks READ!!! Housing has bottomed!!!

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by jackstone54, Apr 17, 2008.

  1. BZH CTX LEN TOL as a basket of longs. Loaded up today!!!

    I was at the IHOP sucking down some coffee and eating a stack of pancakes when I saw this out of work real estate guy working as an electrician (his previous job before real estate). Haha.

    Housing has bottomed folks!!! Time to get into the housing stocks. You heard it here on ET first.
  2. did you cover ford today?
  3. thank you jack stone fifty four, your brilliance is exceeded only by your brilliance. i bet that you feel smothered by the weight of your own genius.
  4. I actually made money on that trade. The calls I bought to cover the short made more cash then the cash lost from the short.

    If I buy or short the common, I always cover my trades with calls or puts as insurance.

  5. PaulRon


    i'm putting this up on my fridge
  6. Im serious. Look at these charts. Pull them up. Each one has this nice V-Bottom. Can these stocks get pounded down anymore then they are? They have lasted through several horrible earnings calls and gloom/doom. One would think with all the misery and bad news that they would be penny stocks by now, but they are not. I think its time.

    2002 was a gloomy year yet Yahoo was a super-buy back then when the price was in the 4s. I bet none of you wanted to touch it then.

    Well here we are with the old faves such as Beazer. Lets trade some Beazer. Buy long dated calls out a year or so and watch it appreciate. MMM MMMM

  7. hmmm....well you never gave an average short price or how much you paid for the call or even what strike you bought. so i guess we will just have to take your word for it that you made more money being long on a trade that you called out as a short...:confused:
  8. Come on Robbie. This is an anonymous message board where most everyone uses an alias. I am not paid to post on this site and have many other responsibilities. I post here for entertainment and leisure like most others. There is no priority in my life to convince you of my trades as I dont know you and you dont pay me to care.

    If you really take this board that seriously then I believe you need to re-evaluate your thinking and priorities.

    The reality is most traders do not post any of the information you speak of because its either too personal or they just dont care enough/too lazy to do it. Most blogs never state complete or accurate information.

    In my case, I simply dont care and this site, for myself, is just fun. I know certain others probably have some way to make money off of this website and they have a need to gain the readers trust. I dont make a dime and actually lose money by spending time on here. Therefore, I have no need to place my trading information here and frankly dont care....

    If the reader trusts me or doesnt trust me or thinks Im great or thinks Im an ass...well good for them. Thats not really my highest priority in life.

  9. You may actually have a good point

    I agree that housing will rebound when the US economy picks up more
  10. Dude, housing bottomed like well over a month ago.

    And in case you don't know financials have already bottomed too.
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