Going Long ES @ 1502.25

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Rickshaw Man, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. This market just keeps rising, might as well join the party.
  2. Buys in place for any dip.
  3. murrica


    Even though I disagree on the direction at this level, I like the idea of playing loose around the major 1500 number via your scaling strategy.

    Might I ask where you would invalidate your long idea? Is this a daytrade only?

    I know you have likely been trading for a long time continually, so just asking respectfully.
  4. A break of 1480 would raise some concern.
  5. I have seen this before. Everyone is afraid to jump in. Wait for a pull back, as the market squirts higher without you.
  6. Your DOM doesn't show existing positions?
  7. Update
  8. Selling 2
  9. bone

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    For God's sake what the hell are you doing taking shorter term trades with the same bias as the longer term trend ?

    Don't you know that you are supposed to be fighting the market in order to validate your own narcissistic ego that you are correct and the rest of the market is wrong ?

    Let's just hope that none of the market timers / fade monkeys railing and pissing and moaning about nonsense like trends over in the Trading Forums see this.
  10. pma


    Nice! :cool:
    #10     Jan 30, 2013