going long DVN with a stop

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by NY_HOOD, Dec 8, 2008.

  1. i think DVN has a shot at going to 70 in very short order. i like it.
    of course its not gonna do it today but it may move up a few points today alone.
  2. you slugs heard it here first. i gave you clowns DV on Friday AND TODAY I AM GIVING YOU DVN... DV did great friday but it was a daytrade. DVN is a daytrade as well and i am playing it today.
  3. just sold at 64.70. was in at 63.65.
    that was quick and easy. good bye for the day..hope it goes up another 20 points. i do what the market hates: i take the quick money and run !
  4. ess1096


    Why not buy some ITM or ATM calls rather than going long with a stop?
  5. i am out already. i just felt very confident so i went with it. i try and trade only what i feel close to 100% on.
  6. yayt


    In long at 64.22
    Stop at 65.24

    thanks for bringing this stock to my attention
  7. yayt


    This stock is beasting ... hasn't retraced 20 cents since my entry!

    will sell as soon as it does so, I've already profited too much off it, lol
  8. thats why i posted this. keep in mind i was filled just before it opened,si got a good fill thats why i jumped out after a point. how could i pass that up!
    i'm glad you made money.
  9. Do you even realize that most stocks are going up in the same manner with the overall market? Maybe you should look into that. This way you can avoid making threads where you are 80% of the posts, desperately trying to assure yourself of greatness.
  10. yayt


    You are right anaconda.

    I'm still glad though, this is the most stress-free trade I've been in for a long time (a couple others retraced and continued going up).

    (out at 66.45)
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