Going long 100K QQQ's tommorow

Discussion in 'Trading' started by newestmember, Mar 15, 2004.

  1. I'm going long 100K QQQ's tommorow within the first half-hour. Stop loss at $33.77. Good luck all.
  2. Manolo? JS?

    j/k... good luck with it -- I am long as well.

  3. Is that $100K of QQQ's or 100K QQQ's? Big difference. :eek:
  4. assuming that your intention is true... what is the basis for entering said position?

  5. EtfTrader

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  6. bold. you're not even waiting for the futures to start trading.....

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  8. You started a new thread to tell us this?

  9. Manolo


    It's not me, riskarb.

    I've been short and i'm sticking with it.

    I question the wisdom of trying to catch a falling knife.
    But if this is a good trade, i'll be the first one to congratulate BOTH of you.
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    The original post did not have the $ sign.

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