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    I have been a prop trader for many years, and have always been in an office with other traders. I am now trading remote from home and am trying to adjust. Besides making sure to get out of the house every day for a few hours, does anyone have any tips for trading at home?
  2. gmst


    not much to contribute here but I will give some pointers:

    1. join a gym and go there regularly if you are not doing it already
    2. join some community work - will help social life
    3. Don't get too involved in household matters - as it might lead to friction with wife/kids - remember, along with you, they are also going to make a transition of having to spend 24 hrs with you instead of maybe 14 hrs earlier! Its a good idea to continue giving them their space and freedom that they are accustomed to.

    Good Luck.

    If I may ask the reason, why did you decide to switch to a home based trader instead of going to office. I assume you have been successful every year in making a respectable PL because you have been trading for many years as your income.
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    I changed firms and the firm I went to had no office near my house.
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    Mr Moose....I like that name.

    You can try joining an online trading room or chat room with other traders. I can't recommend one, but know there are out there. It would at least provide conversation and something to listen to.

  5. 7out


    Well it kind of depends how much of an introvert/extrovert you are, but firstly, get a big dog and walk him twice a day (once around lunch and after dinner - also good for you as well).

    Make plans to have lunch with friends twice a week (works good if you have alot of self employed friends).

    Have a boys night with the guys once a week (midweek).

    Go out with your wife/gf every Friday or Saturday.

    If you still have some excess time left over and feel bored/unfulfilled, have kids and this question will never come up again !!!!!!!!

    Rinse and repeat.
  6. mrmoose


    I have a son so the school bus does get me out of the house twice a day lol
  7. BSAM


    Work on improving your checker and chess games.
    You'd be surprised how good you might become.
    If one has the money to trade from home, why would anyone trade prop in an office anyways?
    Trading is all about freedom.
  8. gmst


    I don't know if you trade from home or not, but the fact is trading solely from home changes your life in a big way.

    IMO, it effects one's social circle. In an office environment as a trader, one gets all the autonomy he/she wants plus the colleagues to talk to. Trading at home can become very boring and a solitary affair. If one is making more than 200k per year and is active, maybe trading at home is not so bad because one will be able to afford a lot of vacations/golf/social stuff outside, otherwise being alone at home might turn out to be not such a great experience as one hopes it to be. My 2 cents.
  9. I believe the key is exercise and fresh air. Next would be doing work and/or having non trading goals to work towards. As money is the only thing you get out of trading, its important to still be working towards other things that give you joy and pride.
  10. JamesL


    When I used to work from home, there was only one other individual to engage with during the day...the fridge. And he was a bad influence. Watch out!

    Took me nearly 6 months to drop the weight and get the blood sugars back in line. Having worked from home for over 8 years, I'm out now and never going back.
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