Going for the gold - hedge against the apocalypse

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    Well, maybe there is no 1:1 hedge against the apocalypse (as far as money is concerned)...

    In his book, Pit Bulls, Marty Schwartz explains how he had gold bullion stored in a safety deposit box. On one occassion he felt the US economy was near collapse and describes lugging a briefcase full of gold bars through the streets of NYC.

    Does anybody else put their wealth into some other item of stored value?

    Recent corporate scandals and that ever present"uncertainty" has convinced me that the money I have in my brokerage acct is all the money I want exposed to the markets.

    I know real estate will be a big answer here, but many people don't want the hassle of owning and maintaining land/buildings.

    I'd like to know what other ETers think.

  2. My opinion is that the US economy wont collapse. the world is booming you just dont see it.
  3. In apocalyptic conditions I would thing the best thing to have would be enough ak47'S and ammunition to outfit your own army.:)
  4. I'm afraid I have to agree. If there's a loss of civil order, gold bars will do nothing for you except attract armed attention.

    I vote for guns and ammo as well. Take the time now to learn to hunt game, dress deer, etc. Don't bother stockpiling gold.
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    buy some ruggers also, diversification
  6. http://www.cabelas.com/

    great prices on bulk. 223 and 7.62X39 and they come in waterproof rubber sealed containers.
  7. Great prices on .40 S&W ammo for my SIG 229
  8. bullets and gasoline...that's all you'll need when the !@#$ hits the fan
  9. lol. another rally, thanks guys!
  10. LOL, the day I actually go out and buy a firearm is the day we start another round of irrational exuberance.

    I'll post when that happens.
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