Going down with the ship ...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by aphexcoil, Oct 25, 2002.

  1. If the market corrects between 5% - 10% by November expirations, I'll be living the good life.

    If it keeps going up, I'm taking up sewing the Martha Stewart way and practicing some of her new brownie recipes.
  2. Quah


    Thought you were taking a break from trading and from here?

    Do you actually lack as much self control as it seems you do, or are you just pulling our legs?
  3. dottom


    Sounds like you are trading more like a 'gambler' than a 'trader' that is analyzing the probability and risk of every trade.

    What happened to that great algorithm you developed with such a strong edge after slippage & commissions? If you don't want to trade eminis with it, surely you could adjust it to odd lots on SPY or QQQ.

    I'm trying to slap you around to get you to stick with your original method that you throughly back-tested and made us all believe that it had an edge.
  4. Minime


    Good job Aphie, that's how the Pro's do it. You should go for millionaire status and mortgage your parents house as well. :D

    You think you'll be able to hold on if your puts are in the money for any length of time? I predict you sell at breakeven or take a big loss, due to natural human tendencies. :confused: Think hard about it, because it's a no win situation.
  5. You are Lundy aren't you!!! hahahaha sucka :p

    What was it Taleb says "even a broken clock is right twice a day";
    chance is always powerful Lundy and you just never know buddy...
  6. You should probably start learing those just about now. It ain't goin' down much further. I haven't made a single call on this board yet, although I was tempted many times (besides, I don't want the smart people on this board to figure out what my strategy is from such calls), but from all I see, the remaining months will be quite bullish in the end.
    Don't hold me up to it guys, though. I am much better at predicting single stock moves than I am at forecasting the whole mkt. But we'll see...
  7. Stick to ur original plan Aphie, not sure why u abandoned it , u didn't even really give it a chance in real money trading ?
  8. How did this board get so infested with sooooo many fucking idiots??? :confused:

    Fuckin Apple Heads!!! :p :eek: :mad:
  9. Well I brought up the charts on IBM and it looked like it was sitting on top of a hill -- so I figured that it looked to be going back down. I called tops and I may be wrong -- I will learn through trial and error.


    I currently hold PUTS on MSFT and IBM.
  10. I need help -- I'm a mess.
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