Going Against The USD

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  1. Time has come.

    Taking the other side of my own trade direction (while keeping my shorts open - hope no one is watching me).

    Splitting my cap and opening a Long trade in a sub-acct.

    Distinct trading methology will be used in order to hedge further EUR/USD downward draft risk - built into the trade.

    Ya wanna stay ahead of the herd... this may be the only way.

    Long @ 1.2495
    TP = about 75-pts up. May lift it at 15-pt intervals.

    Good luck euro-bulls - make me some money! :D

    Any long euro / short dollar sentiment on this forum?

  2. So now you have a long and a short open on the same pair? You realize you're flat, right?
  3. I'm not flat.

    I have 2 separate accts open - one pointing UP / one pointing DOWN.

    I can make money on both at the same time.

    That is not being "flat."

    Being "flat" is having no open trades.

    I HAVE open trades - Long and Short.

  4. Anyone else care to try to explain it to him? I'm exhausted.
  5. chafro


    I went long euro also at 1.2493 stop 10 pips under the 1.2475 point. Im doind this only because this movement down doesnt make sense. Good Luck to me.
  6. Ah, but your thinking is limited.

    By the magic of applying "distinct trading methologies," I can nail every pip short downward... PLUS position myself Long to swipe all pips UPWARD... at the same time.

    Strategies that are outside your reach to comprehend

    Unless you have OPEN EUR/USD trades... stay off the thread.

    The god of ForEx
  7. No, what you do is remain flat because your exposure is neutral. You're "betting" (key word here) that the price will range swing. But if it does not, and it launches off not to return, you're effectively done absolutely nothing, and probably have lost money because you took profit too early. Not to mention paying commission twice or more.

    Even if the price eventually returns, your capital is locked up until it does, which can be a long time.

    Yeah, that's a great strategy.
  8. Closed my first short-range position trade for 15-pts profit. Re-entered @ 1.2509 pointing up.

  9. You've been asked to either OPEN a EUR/USD trade OR keep your market spectating comments to yourself.

    You have NO IDEA how I trade. Nor will you EVER.

    Everything you said about my trading is utter nonsense and nontruths.

    The type of trading knowledge I build into my trades just doesn't fall into the hands of hobby traders.

    (Note to mod: If Ivvy The Hobby Trader writes more harrassing posts, please remove them for the sake of the thread readers.)

  10. What aspect of this move does not make sense to you? It is data driven and geopolitically driven (flight to safety)....both aspects have been dollar positive to various degrees; elevated CPI tomorrow would lock in another rate hike for August....rates will be 6% in the US by the end of the year, which will have, at minimum kept the rate spread neutral, and will likely have widened more than .5 for the year. The eurozone does not have the growth aspect that the US has, and thus will not need to put the brakes on the economy to the same degree. The EURO got way overextended (for the current situation) at 1.29+ when everyone thought the hike to 5% was the end.
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