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  1. the sushi chef cut his head off, not me... i just drank his blood - i think the drink was called supon/supone... been many, many years and ive forgotten my japanese. i will admit, ive stayed in mexico extensively and the wholesale collection of turtle eggs is a real "turn off." i wont eat them. i guess there's the proof - im a hypocrite.
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  2. white17


    Hear Hear; QQQBALL for Treasury Secretary.

    I actually believe that ONLY the lowest economic group should be taxed. They produce nothing and consume resources at a tremendous rate. IMHO
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  3. Yup, that's what any good tyrant would say.
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  4. white17


    Thought I'd get a response like that. That's ok though. I'm coming from an economic perspective here. I realize there would be social issues. A world class economist made this same argument several years back. I can't recall his name but he made his point quite well. Long before the PC police made common sense and truth forbidden.
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  5. Was his name Machiavelli?
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  6. white17


    No, he manufactured tires didn't he?
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  7. TGregg


    I'd like to see regressive taxes. Basically, everybody pays exactly the same amount of money (a fee, not a precentage) to the feds. :D Then, you get to keep all of each and every extra dollar you make.
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