Goin' off the rails...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by bungrider, Jan 6, 2003.

  1. ...on the crazy train!!!

    Is it just me, or does this seem like a house of cards...?????

    I mean, I anticipated a bounce off the spoos support level that started this whole thing, but this is like "irrational exuberance" here...frankly, I'm scared to be long here...
  2. Minime


    Just taking the skiiers to the top of the slopes again. :D
  3. LouieR


    Scared...and with good reason. This bounce does not seem unreasonable to me but what I will be looking for is an opportunity to play the short side as we approach the 200 day M A. IMHO, You are not crazy!
  4. Jump off befoe the Avalanche comes!... :D
  5. Or Short! Lotsa performance anxiety! When you can't short a 2.0 STDV in the SPY, you know people are just chasing performance...also seems eerily similar to first couple days of 2002! :(

    And we all know what happened then!
  6. taodr


    I don't get this 'exhilaration' either. They're fighting to see who can win voters with measly tax reduction . The consumers are drowning in debt, the government is soon to be drowning in debt. Something has got to give. Maybe the ONLY salvation is grabbing those oil fields and $10 a barrel oil.
  7. Wait till they project the federal budget deficits for the next 10 years after our war with Iraq and the tax cuts!
  8. hehe

    it continues...
  9. qdz


    The train just ran over me when I was posting on ET just now.

    What a mess! It's the manipulators!!!

  10. JORGE


    Or maybe it's just traders who have preserved enough capital to start this year on a strong note.
    #10     Jan 7, 2003