Goerge Soros callin the suicide hotline

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  1. did'nt mr liberal just increase his stake in LEHMAN BROS last week? yeah,that clown has alot of money but he now has alot less. he's taking a hit today. everyone is wrong once in a while.
  2. Did he use a stop? ;)
  3. no stop loss. i heard that knucklehead does'nt even know what a bollinger band is. when i asked him about it,he asked if they can play at his daughters wedding. i told him yeah of course,just give me a deposit. long story short,his daughters wedding guests danced to a radio station but stopped during commercials.
  4. :D

    Skip the Macarina, do the Elliot Wave.
  5. He's buying to sell in two or three years.
    It's very, very possible that most stocks have recovered in the 2010s.

    He doesn't swing trade.
    He has a much larger time frame, as well as a much larger profit expectation.
  6. So does Warren Buffett.

    Real top pros invest by fundamentals only.
  7. those guys paint the bollinger bands you morons
  8. Define 'real top pro.' This should be good.
  9. It's misinformation like this that makes my head want to explode.

    The type of investing you do, time frame, profit goals, etc, all play a huge factor in deciding whether to use primarily fundamentals, techincals, or a mixture of both.

    I'd like to see you try swing trading options or day trading stocks on fundamentals!
  10. yeah,he buys fundamentals and of course lehmans are so solid that its a great buying opportunity. tell that to all the bear stearns employees that had ther 401 's wiped off the face of the earth.
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