Godzilla rabbit born in Japan?

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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9XTcmxiANE

    I'm not into fear mongering. But, if the situation in Japan becomes so bad that parts of the island have to be evacuated, then that might impact the "global economy".
  2. That thing is evil looking. Scared me silly!
  3. Heh. Sarcastic post. I called it Godzilla due to the mutant nature, not becuase I was implying it was large and fire breathing. I wonder if/when Japan will announce that more radiation has been released than Chernobyl.
  4. Godzilla was a tale from the future. At least now we know how the story starts.
  5. It IS fear mongering. And baseless fear mongering. Anybody not living under a rock would know that there have already been evacuations. Unless there is some new unexpectedly severe event at the Fukushima Daiichi plant, there will not be any more evacuations.

    There is a lunatic propensity to attribute every malady to radiation. This is the territory of cranks and fools.

    Studies of the effects of the Chernobyl disaster have not found any statistically significant increase in birth defects. They have not found any statistically significant increase in cancer in the general population other than an estimated 6000 cases of thyroid cancer. That is more than a little unfortunate but is generally not fatal and is treatable. It is the only confirmed adverse health effect on the general population.

    The incidence of thyroid cancer around Fukushima is expected to be much lower because of lower emissions of I-131, more prompt evacuation and much better protection from contaminated foods.

    As an indication of how ridiculous some of this nonsense about evacuating Japan is, the radiation level in Tokyo is lower than the natural background radiation level in New York or the European average background radiation level. It is completely safe.
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    wait is that just a mutation or is that real?
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    It doesn't even look like a rabbit. Just put a hamster (or w/e it is) in a cage with a bunch of rabbits, go "OMFG RADIATION AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" and you get 200k views on youtube?

    Bunch of retards.

  8. You really need to brush up on your Chernobyl facts. Hopefully the below link will help. A few key points are that up to 1million excess deaths over time are blamed on it, that Ukraine is still spending 5% or more of it's gov'y budget on it to this day, and Belarus was spending 6% of gov't budget on it as of 2002, etc.
    Just because the media stops reporting on disasters after awhile doesn't mean they just magically go away.