god's actions speak louder than words

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Gordon Gekko, Nov 14, 2003.

  1. You must work at the only Taco Bell on the East Coast that has internet access for it's counter employees working the graveyard shift.
  2. LMAO.. That would be Wendy's (they are open later)

  3. how are the golf clubs, aph? :D
  4. Rather be a caddy
    Drivin' a Caddy
    Then bein an animated "who's your Daddy"
    Workin all night
    Makin Hamburger patties
  5. ===
    CNN covered that on TV news also;
    dual interviews Mr. Cohen, Judge Moore.

    With all due respect to Christains ,Jews & CNN they left out an important part of 10 commandments;

    the discretion part of the 4th commandment ''do all thy work''

    Knew you would want to read that Gordon G- ''do all thy work'':)
  6. Yes GG, it is God's will we are witnessing.. :D

    ps Chaos if you must use such a lame sig man then at least spell correctly [why can't traders spell??]:)
  7. ROFLMAO!! TOUCHE' ! :p