Godenbar's Editorial: "Exploiting the Delusions of Money"

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    Exploiting the Delusions of Money
    21 April 2003
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    by Ed Bugos

    Today's Highlights:
    Liberty's enemies are empowered from within
    How inflation funds big government
    Sure central banks sell gold, but they need reserves to always sell
    Earnings delusions - past and present - subscription req'd
    Weak dollar outlook becomes part of bullish delusion - subscription req'd
    Deflation & yield guarantee delusions cap bond yields - subscription req'd
    Conclusion - subscription req'd

    Liberty's enemies, when it comes down to being specific, are the social architects of the New World Order; the one world government; and the one world currency.

    Liberty's enemies oppose money as the basis for peaceful relations in society. Instead, they prefer a morality governed by some democratically arrived at principles to the moral discipline thrust upon them by "sound" money. Naturally, they can't differentiate between honest and dishonest money. It's all evil.

    Liberty's enemy is socialism, fascism, or big government - particularly when totalitarian (as if it ever wasn't). For then, individual liberty is less important.

    But these are not primarily external dangers. Socialist economies typically haven't been able to sustain their armies for long absent the constant conquest of new resources to exploit, which would make them more like fascists by the way. No. The enemy of liberty is not external. It is from within - all of us.

    Large numbers of the conservative right on this continent have no idea. Anybody not with the US government today is perceived to be left wing.

    Let me tell you something. Anybody that doesn't understand our criticism of the US government today is not anywhere as right of center as we are. If you think being fascist represents a right wing choice of any kind, you're wrong. There are very few differences between socialism and fascism. Both are totalitarian, and involve big government.

    At dinner last night, with another libertarian, we wondered why it is that amid all the right wingers in America today, the government continues to grow. And despite one privatization scheme after another, or one promise after another to reduce taxes here or government there, the government continues to grow.

    The American Constitution, as I understand it, was set up initially to protect the individual's liberty by making it incumbent on Congress to limit government. How else do you protect the market's (consumer's) sovereignty? But despite all the hoopla about how capitalist the Republican right appears to represent themselves today, most of them are simply part of the winning argument - big government. The rest of us, libertarians included, are irrelevant. Individuality is irrelevant. Because government continues to grow, somehow, and despite all the conservatives in power.

    Today you're going to find out how, if you don't already know.

    Inflation Funds Big Government
    It's really a two-step process in the big scheme of things, and it has everything to do with money.

    Inflation leads to economic problems beginning with monetary debasement and ending / resulting in malinvestment, unemployment, capital thinning, excessive indebtedness, financial volatility, and political corruption.
    Then everyone blames the markets and capitalism for all the bad outcomes and asks the government to help them out of the mess it helped create. Government expenditures, taxes, inflation, and regulatory power increase.
    This is how the government grows over time. It's how inflation is a confiscation of wealth, or a means of wealth transfer to political circles. It's the reason inflation is a hidden form of taxation - because people don't generally come to realize it to be the main problem, and so they beg for more of it in order to cure the economy of the symptoms or imbalances caused by it in the first place.
  2. "There are very few differences between socialism and fascism. Both are totalitarian, and involve big government."

    this is absolutley true, and makes a joke out of all the LEFTIES calling people FASCIST. They don't even know what a FASCIST is.
  3. Jane Fonda?
  4. Yeah and it is just the classical Hegelian scheme applied: it's very simple but look at the world 99.9999% of people are just fooled by that believing the world is a batal between left and right wings whereas both are targeting the same goal:

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