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  1. Doing some trading of CFC while working here, checking the stock price every few seconds. Had a stop order in place that would have cut a loss. Trade was looking good. Was up over $1K. Then looked at my account and my position was closed at a loss! Those bastards took the stock up to my stop price when I wasn't looking and then took it back down again!
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    How very unChristmassy of them.
  3. I guess I should give up. Started daytrading maybe a month ago, and had a profit of $18K after a few days. Now it's down to $6K. Been shorting CFC, which is down big time over the last week, but over the last week I've lost several thousand!
  4. Are you trading or gambling? The answer to this question might help you a lot.
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    if you stop now you can be included in the 5% of traders who make money ... :D
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    when placing a bet on any game of chance you are in fact gambling.... this does not imply one cant make a living from gambling... people do...peace
  7. Dumbass, you are NOT supposed to make money for quite some time if you are learning to daytrade. This is how it goes for everyone. Only with time and proper learning can you start to earn in this game.

    Tell me you werent foolish enough to believe you'd be making money after one month? Try 1-3 years learning curve on average before one can expect to see consistency.

  8. that's what you get when your edge is 50/50 :p
  9. you must be new here.
  10. Of course. A good gambler should know the chances though and when to stay out because of negative expectancy.

    Most traders - especially newcomers - will have a hard time turning a profit daytrading highly volatile stuff like CFC. It's like being new to poker and playing against professional world class players on your first day.
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