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  1. LOL! 777 still thinks he is a psychologist with magical powers!
    Lmaooooooooooooooo :p

    Gee... i'm not the one who thinks I have magical powers.
    You probably think you really CAN communicate
    with your imaginary friend....LOL.... oh man... this is some funny shit here!

    Better read this article on children and imaginary friends:

    "When children start to talk in sentences and develop their memories, they also begin to imagine. Pretend play emerges at about 30 months and continues well into the elementary years.

    ...and later...

    You're correct in saying that one task of the preschooler is to learn the difference between fantasy and reality.

    Guess 777 never made it past the preschool stage of
    fantasy and imaginary friends...LMAOOO!! :D



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  2. Speaking of psychology:

    Aristotle in his "Nicomachean Ethics" gives us this character sketch of the narcissistic personality:

    Conceited people, on the other hand, are fools ignorant of themselves, who make themselves conspicuous by being so; they try for positions of honor under an impression of their own abilities, and then, if they get them, prove failures.

    They rig themselves up in fine clothes and pose for effect, and so on; they wish what good fortune they have to be known to the world, and talk about themselves, as if that were the road to honor... -- So boastful people, if their object is reputation, pretend to the qualities that win praise or congratulation, and, if their object is gain, pretend to qualities useful to their neighbors, their own lack of which cannot easily be proved, as, for example, a skill in prophesying or in healing..
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  3. More character assessment of the narcissistic personality:

    He is a charmer.
    He loves to flirt.
    Has an elevated image of himself.
    Is never wrong.
    Often a perfectionist.
    Considers himself of superior intellect although he maybe credential deficient.
    More often than not an atheist- how could anyone be above him? (my italics)
    He sees himself as being one of a kind, unique. He's right about this one.
    Exploits others to elevate his position or gain control of a situation.
    Incapable of true intimacy.
    Lacks empathy or I would go further and suggest is incapable of empathy.
    He is arrogant to the point of nausea.
    Regards sex as a right and is void of sexual intimacy.
    Often a philanderer incapable of being monogamous.
    Aggressive and abuse with the potential for violence.
    Hot blooded often with high blood pressure which further elevates is vicious temper.
    A bully .
    He is who he is accept it.
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  4. LMAO!! OMG!! Did you even read this?

    ", pretend to qualities useful to their neighbors, their own lack of which cannot easily be proved, as, for example, a skill in prophesying or in healing."

    He speaks of magical powers which are not easily proven! LOLOLOLOL!!!

    Look in the mirror 777!! :p

    Coming from someone who claims the sole magical ability to
    communicate with THE supreme being, I think aristotle
    nailed this one on the head.... hahahaaa...

    Seek help immediately :)



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  5. BG: Narcissism is a very misunderstood term. In the popular lexicon, it seems to be used interchangeably with self-confidence or self-absorption. How do you define narcissism?

    VAKNIN: Narcissism (rather, pathological narcissism) is the absence of a functioning self (or, to be more precise, ego). It is the constant dependence upon other people to gain self-esteem, to regulate a sense of self-worth and to gain self-confidence. Narcissism is, therefore, other-absorption rather than self-absorption. The narcissist is attuned to input (real or perceived) from other people because in the absence of such constant feedback he feels annulled, non-existent, void (and in many respects, he is). I use "he," though everything I say here applies as forcefully to women.

    The narcissist constructs an elaborate, largely fictitious, grandiose image of himself (the "false self"). He then hurls it at people and monitors their every reaction. Reactions that conform to the information contained in the false self generate a flooding sensation of omnipotence, omniscience, brilliance, and perfection. Reactions that negate the false self cause narcissistic injury: a terrible, insupportable, excruciating agony. The narcissist administers mental painkillers to himself by discounting ("devaluing") the source of the hurtful reaction, by dismissing the reaction itself, or by altering the false self to conform to it -- in short, by activating a mechanism known as "cognitive dissonance."
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