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  1. ahh, now i understand aphex's bible babble:
    so part of the religion says not to test god. hahahaha they built that into the religion because they know it IS A BUNCH OF CRAP!!!!!!!!
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  2. I usually abstain from conversations remotely connected to Religion (there are never any "winners")...

    But, in a lighter vein....

    I think I'll switch some of my traders from

    "Pair Trading" to

    "Prayer Trading"


    :p :p
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  3. i am conflicted about discussing religion.

    on one hand, sometimes i feel like i'm just wasting time; on the other hand, because of chaos, i'm aware that little things CAN have big impacts. plus, it's hard for me to resist, anyway...
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    It's no wonder he's not succeeded at trading. And I doubt he ever will .... seems to not have any real focus or commitment. Rather he seems "starved" for attention with all his posting here on ET.
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  5. GG, it is snide comments like that in the subject line that offend people.

    Primitive cultures have practiced group healing prayer rituals for thousands of years for sick members of their tribes. They have believed that it aids the healing process. And it likely does have an effect on the psychological state of the ill person and may induce a stronger self-repair response in the individual.

    So while you may think prayer does not invoke a supernatural healing force, it may help strengthen natural healing properties within the human body. And so people may find in prayer not just spiritual solace but inner physical strength. Any atheist should understand this.

    It is true that clinically depressed people are given to illness more often and recover from illness more slowly than happy people.
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  6. blow it out your ass, man. look at the ego challenge i participated in (dominated). i believe i made 127% of the day's range that day. :)

    you don't know WTF you're talking about, anyway.
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    Yeah, did you spend all your Monopoly money? LOL

    And I do know what I'm talking about ... you bitch and moan about your having no money to trade, blah, blah, blah ....

    And your emotional reply above clearly says a lot about you ...
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  8. Hard for you to resist? Sounds like compulsion......shocking isn't it? Even more pathology from GG. Who would have guessed?
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  9. "Before their operations, they were randomly split into two groups, and half were prayed for by Christians, Jews, Buddhists and Muslims."

    Poor study, poor design.

    Buddhists don't believe in God.

    Christians pray primarily to Christ.

    Jews pray primarily to the God of Abraham.

    Muslims pray to Allah.

    Design a study where you isolated groups to determine effectiveness would have greater validity.

    Also, how could you measure the sincerity of those praying, as nearly every religion makes note that the strength of prayer is in proportion to sincerity, and faith in God. Since there is no way to measure sincerity, or degrees of faith from shaky to perfect, the study is meaningless, as you would never know if prayer were being done effectively, and to what degree of efficacy.

    While I do have belief in God, it has always seemed odd to me that someone would need to pray to God for something to be taken care of in this world.

    God is all knowing. He knows all the problems. He knows all the solutions. God acts in whatever manner is best for all concerned in the long run.

    Praying to God that you may know Him and learn to accept His will is quite different than asking God to solve a worldly problem.

    Those who need to pray to God to solve the problems are demonstrating a lack of faith that He will do so if it is for the best. Just trust that He will do what is best.

    God gave us mind to solve our problems, and a heart to know His love.

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  10. bwahaha

    try harder, man.
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