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  1. Are you an atheist /non-believers etc? Ask this question to a man on his dying-bed few moments from death: Does God exist? What do you think the answer will be?

    In case you do not realize it, that person will be you at a moment in the future. Do not be fooled by non-believing theorists, physists, atheists, etcist. They are disoriented, but they do not admit it to you in public.

    If you are a non believer, and God were to punish you in hell, and if he were to ask me to add some more fire under you, I will not hesitate to do what I am asked to, because I am already informing you.

    Now let us hear the opinion of the other camp. I have seen them around here flexing their muscles.
  2. Lucrum


    Sooooo let me get this straight. You personally are going to descend from your lofty perch in heaven to add some fire - to my hell?

    Well you sadistic, MFing, POS, as if my hell isn't going to be hot enough already without your help.

    Maybe I'll just talk Satan into letting me out long enough to let some of the cloud 9 out of your heaven.

    What ya think about that ASSHOLE?
  3. You got that right, except some important insight. It may seem to you strange, but you forgot that the reward/risk is almost infinite for me to do so. I would not only get higher levels in paradise, and NOT the pleasure of adding some additonal bushes under your Az, BUT rather the knowledge of what you would be going through compared to what I would enjoying up there. So my reward is the knowledge of what I would escape from.

    I will ask to have for you a few moment in Paradise, but it may cause you even more pain as you would know how it is down there, and up there (Hindsight). May be you will decide not to go there for a short moment.

    I will however ask for forgiveness for myself and others, if it is allowed. But why not believe and submit yourself to God now so that you have for me something to work with if I am entitled to help you out?

    Think about the hindsight!
  4. Satan will also be in hell, and he will be fending for himself. He will be adding bushes to his companions, just to find a way to get out.

    Apparently he is already told that he will end up there, so he is maybe running around to have some companionship in hell, with the hope of not being alone.

    If he recruited you, and you took the job from him, I suggest you step down.
  5. "there are no atheists in foxholes"
  6. LOL!

    "there are no atheists in foxholes", but there some in their holes.
  7. Fighting holes!....the term is FIGHTING HOLES!! Get it right already. Who the fuck wants to be a in hole with a fucking fox?!?!?!? Maybe some some French woman....but not a fighter. Thus the term FIGHTING HOLE!!

  8. correction per Zhivodka: no atheists in fighting holes. Happy now?

  9. What if you believe in God and not the True God? It is within reason to believe that you worship a false idol. Just face it Riskfreetrading, you are a bad person and you are going to hell when you die. You are going to hell buddy.
  10. Lucrum


    Oh that's just great, I gotta spend my eternity with that asshole?
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