god saved young girl in florida.

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  1. but he lets millions of others die.

    Bloom is a young girl who was lost in Florida, and was found by a fervent Christian who went off into the swamps babbling in tongues and praying to God to lead him to her. As you might guess, all the other rescue workers and volunteers are now forgotten, the prolonged search is unimportant, and all that matters is the one fellow fortunate enough to stumble into her was a Bible thumper. Isn't that sweet?

    Now the newspaper is running a poll with a stupid question. Just look at the answer that is winning:

    Members of Metro Church in Winter Springs, which Nadia Bloom used to attend, call her rescue by former member James King a miracle. Is it?

    Yes. God must have directed James King to where Nadia was. How else to explain it? 54%
    No. Couldn't we just chalk this up to chance, persistence and/or good luck? 27%
    Maybe. How can we ever know for sure? 19%
    If you feel like answering yes, I have a follow-up question. A quick google search easily turns up lots of names of young girls who are missing, and then turn up dead. Where was God for Marisa Spoonhunter, Jahmeshia Conner, Morgan Dana Harrington, Aisling Symes, Shaniya Davis, Cassandra Hodges, Sandra Cantu, Jada Justice, Sommer Thompson, Mackenzie Cowell, Anna Le, and Olivia Rutherford? Were they just too wicked? Was God too busy making sure the right football teams won?

    Maybe answer #1 should be rephrased. "Yes. God is a capricious bastard."

  2. Why are you so angry?
  3. Interesting. The guy that saved her is named James King, and the bible he reads is the King James. Perhaps God chose to save this girl with this man just to show its not a coincidence. Another interesting thing is that the name of the little girk is Nadia and that means hope.

    Basically there is 100% proof that God helped him find that girl.
    King is a Christian. If he wasnt, he would not have gone out there looking for her. Therefore all you atheists can thank the bible for rescuing her. If James King was an atheist, that girl would be dead today. Therefore it doesnt matter if King really did have God tell him in his head where she was or not. The God of the bible is still responsible for his faith and him going out there to look for her.

    What makes me sick is that just because this was a man of faith, everyone attacked him right away. Many people did background checks and just like the article said...if they found something they would get rewarded with time on CNN. If an atheist found this girl, there would be no background check. He would just be a hero without question. Whats more sick is that even though they found nothing in his background, people still think he is a fishy character.

    This is the mentality of an atheist. It doesnt matter what good you do in the world, or that you are a hero who saves children. To an atheist, just because you love God, that makes you the lowest form of life to them. Why anyone would choose to associate with the character of this type of people, I dont know.

  4. lol. what is it with you bible thumpers? has every ounce of critical thinking ability been indoctrinated out of you guys?
    you cant see a problem proclaiming god found this little girl when we can demonstrate that, if he exists, he ignored dozens of other little girls in the same situation who ended up dead?
  5. It does boggle the mind, doesn't it? I started a couple of similar threads under my previous user name (which has since been banned and no moderator can explain why):

  6. Either that or it feeds on damaged minds.