God Polling Better Than Obama

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bpcnabe, Jul 27, 2011.

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    Disturbing. And the GOP's numbers are going up.
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    from the referenced article:

    "A man of Obama’s arrogance and narcissism cannot process failure very well –and being surrounded on almost every side by failures of his own making can cause anger, denial and blame shifting. His public comments take on a “woe is me” quality. And beyond all that is an effort to create an optical illusion in which Obama casts himself as courageous, non-partisan, mature, reasonable and anti-ideological. The zeal with which Obama and his team are pursuing this make-over is somewhat impressive. But ultimately, it’s also fruitless. Not even Barack Obama can escape responsibility for his staggering record of incompetence."
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    Duh.... It's Satan vs. God!
  5. God is obviously a better leader than Obama. I mean, Job creation for example. Obama cant create a job to save his life. God can give a job to any man willing. God has buried 100s of billions of dollars worth of Gold all over the country. If you want some, you just have to work to dig it up.
  6. Certainly this gets the prize for the stupidest thread this year, so far. (I long long ago gave up trying to figure out the stupidest ever; the competition is way too tough)
    God only gets 52%? What about Beelzebub?
    Does he get some tea & sympathy?