god of markettiming

Discussion in 'Trading' started by bladerunner, Jun 16, 2003.

  1. his name is bob brinker.
    now all you naysayers apologize
  2. Sorry
  3. bump for Brinker!!!

    he is the man $$$$

    kachingo $$$

    who is your daddy?

    fade me and lose
  4. gms


    Oh man, who's next? Ken and Doria?
  5. once again,
    he's the almighty.
    he called the market bottom on march, 2003.
  6. Jeffo


    What about the bottom he called a couple years ago and was terribly wrong.
  7. I have always heard that you are only as good as your last trade. Brinker is damn good at the moment and getting better. Half-way back of the whole move in the S & P's is 1170.
  8. But is he HUGE ? Mr Market is HUGE !!!!! :D