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  1. Excerpt from a recent article in the Jerusalem Post:


    An inscription dating back some 3,100 years ago bearing the name of a biblical judge Jerubbaal was uncovered in the excavations at Khirbat er-Ra‘i, near Kiryat Gat in the Southern District of Israel, the Antiquities Authority (IAA) announced on Monday.

    The researchers highlighted that while there cannot be any certainty on whether the inscription refers to the figure mentioned in the Book of Judges, this discovery offers important insights on the connection between the biblical text and historical reality.

    Inscriptions from that period – the 12th-11th century BCE – are extremely rare. All the dating has been carried out through both pottery typology and radiocarbon of organic samples found in the same archaeological layer.

    The writing, inked on a jug, marks the first time that the name Jerubbaal has been found outside the biblical text. It is believed that the owner penned his name on the jug.​
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  2. Interesting, you remember the ossuary of Caiphas discovery?
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  3. Actually, I only heard about it just now. :)

    It goes really well with the study I'm slowing going through in this thread, showing evidence for Jesus' resurrection. Can't have the resurrection without the death. Caiaphas was the high priest who led the priests in asking for Jesus' crucifixion.

    Then those who had seized Jesus led him to Caiaphas the high priest, where the scribes and the elders had gathered. Matt. 26:57 ESV​

    When the chief priests and the officers saw him, they cried out, “Crucify him, crucify him!” Pilate said to them, “Take him yourselves and crucify him, for I find no guilt in him.” John 19:6 ESV​

    The Center for Online Judaic Studies has a few pictures and comments on the Caiaphas ossuary. Here is a brief excerpt:

    Two of the ossuaries were inscribed with forms of the name Qayapa’, or Caiaphas, a family name familiar from the New Testament and from the first-century historian Josephus. One member of the Caiaphas family served as high priest from 18 CE to 36/37 CE; he was in office during the public career of Jesus and presided at his trial. Though the New Testament refers to him only by his family name, his personal name, Joseph, is mentioned by Josephus (Jewish Antiquities 18.35). He had a long-standing association with the part of Jerusalem in which the tomb was discovered.
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  4. Here is some information on Miriam's ossuary. She is the granddaughter of Caiaphas.

    0:56 Dr. Boaz Zizzu, Land of Israel Studies and Archaeology: “What is very interesting is the lineage of this woman. She is the daughter of Yeshua and Yeshua is the son of Caiapha which is well known for his role in the judgment of Jesus.”

    1:31 Jerusalem Post Reporter: “...a clue to the family links of Caiaphas…”

    1:59 Dr. Boaz Zissu: “... so you have a whole lineage of priests summarized in this burial inscription.”

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miria...ibed with the,aziah, instituted by king David.
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  5. Mike Winger wrote, "Bart Ehrman has convinced more people to reject the Christian faith than almost anyone alive today. But he has done so largely through being very misleading. I'm going to provide some solid examples of this as it relates to the crucifixion of Jesus in the Gospel of Mark because I think there is a lot of benefit in dealing with misleading claims about the Bible."

    Time Stamp 24:20 Mike Winger: It hurts me how badly Mark has been utterly misrepresented-- that all you have to do is read through the gospel of Mark after hearing Bart Ehrman’s claims and you’re like, “What is he talking about?”

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  6. Various passages read from the Bible:

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  7. tomorton


    I don't pay much attention to atheist scholars as for me the question is already decided - gods, heaven and hell do not exist. I have no doubt at all in my conclusions on this.

    So I certainly won't be paying any attention to Christians trying to show how they have refuted atheist scholars.

    But clearly Christians need to have their beliefs constantly reinforced. Perhaps this suggests an underlying and potent doubt in their belief in gods and the rest........ Perhaps they are not quite so convinced as they would like us to think.....
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  8. userque


    So ... the reason you post in the "God is" thread is ... ?
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  9. tomorton


    For my own amusement. I also find religious beliefs interesting.
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  10. userque


    I thought it was because of your "need to have [your] beliefs constantly reinforced."

    But I guess people can post on the internet for more than just one reason.
    I also guess that individual people within a group (Christians, atheists, etc.), can still post for different reasons; they all aren't relegated to having all the same needs and motivations, simply because they share one or more other beliefs.
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