God is the Devil?

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  1. If power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely then God is corrupt/devil

    If knowledge is power, then knowledge leads to corruption.

    so the study of God/truth would then lead to hell

    This common saying about power must be false. It should read. "power can corrupt, and absolute power can corrupt absolutely."

    One with no power could be considered pure from that moment on, like a baby, until they gain power without the knowledge to use their power symbioticly.

    It would seem, that empowering the people with knowledge could lead to pure and powerful people.

    crime and corruption seem to fall on the poor/uneducated (crime) and rich/educated (corrupt)

    Until we can prove that it is wrong to harm others, we become susceptible to the "everybodys doin it" attitude.

    anyway I don't know where im going with this, the devil analogy just seemed interesting. Im sure im not the first/last person to make the connection.

  2. that is good ... bravo

    everyone understands good
  3. do I detect some facetiousness in your text :p
  4. Wow, that's some deep thought.

    Here's an interesting link for u.
  5. In baseball some team has to suffer and necessarily come in last, but Tom Hanks said, "theres no crying in baseball."
  6. If God really is omnipotent why does He allow the Devil to exist and prosper? :confused:
  7. Should God destroy the devil and all the bad people of the world? In that case how would you define bad? No...maybe the question is...who gets to define bad? Since God is the absolute power in the universe, then God gets to decide. Hence...the 10 commandments.

    Ever broken one of them? If you have, then you are a bad person. Do you want God to put out your existance now that you know you are bad? (doesnt matter if you dont agree with this statement, or if everyone else is doing the same bad things as you. God is absolute power...he gets to decide, not you.)

    So this is why God is good. He gave us all this freedom. Freedom to worship him and freedom to rebel. If you choose to rebel, he is even greater because he sent his son to die on the cross for your rebellion. So even though you are bad...he gives you a chance to change your life around by repenting of your sins and believing in his son Jesus. You get a choice...you are not forced to believe anything he tells you. This is one of the many reasons why God is not corrupt. A corrupt God would not give you a choice.

  8. The 10 Commandments; that wasn't "God", that was the little voices in Moses head.
  9. The saying "Power corrupts..." is a statement of power in isolation without qualifiers.

    Perhaps the saying should be "Power corrupts, but Wisdom is salvation."

    Who is wise? Maybe those who can have power but refuse it.

    There might be a few - very few - in history who did so.

    George Washington comes to mind on this July 4th. He could certainly have been a dictator if he did not relinquish the presidency after his terms were up. Some wanted him to stay, and as the leader of the revolution, he certainly had an argument to do so.

    King George of England at the time said of Washington relinquishing power: "If he does that, he will be the greatest man in the world."
  10. The greatest man in the world is the one who relenquishes his (apparent) existence.

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