God is NOT religious

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  1. Religious zealotry and its venom, hatred and warring against others
    has been the bane of civilization since the dawn of man.
    It has been blended with politics and love of money and power to mobilize the masses for selfish ends.
    It has produced hatred and death in history; certainly not life and peace.
    Religious zealotry is what killed Jesus Christ the Messiah.

    God is NOT religious ... He is God and lovingly provided a solution for mans predicament.

    It is man who opts to be religious. This is the problem with religion.
    It is born of man and his pride. Heck, people who foam venom against religion ...
    they themselves are deeply religious ... it is evident in their
    "Religious Zealotry" of "Anti-Religion."

    That venom in what people speak or type only shows they are
    deceived in their heart and their religious/anti-religious zealotry is born of pride.

    The sad irony of it is those religious/anti-religious zealots epitomize the very thing they hate.
    and that very same pride causes those religious/anti-religious zealots to remain blind to the truth.

    If one must be religious then the only pure way that isn't Pride Born garbage and stands the test before a
    Non-Religious God would be to selflessly serve truly downtrodden people in
    the distress of their lives, and to keep oneself clean from the evils of the world.

    Get wisdom and learn that those who judge are judged by the measure they weigh things by.
    It is a simple truth and just as real as gravity. It is a law of order.
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    God is then, by definition, atheist.
  3. God doesn't believe in himself? That points to self-esteem issues. Perhaps that's why he demands to be worshipped, if you know what's good for you. Overcompensation.
  4. I think you may have confused some of the atheists on here. (they are not that smart, you know) So I will try to clear it up a little.

    Men who lead who use their power in the name of God and the men that follow those leaders= Religion

    Men who just worship God and listen to his word and not how someone else interprets it = non-religious
  5. Religion is man made. Humanism, Atheism, Buddhism, Christianity etc.
  6. As is god.
  7. Atheism is man made.
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    Wrong as usual. Atheism is the natural state of life. Animals don't go around making up supreme beings to worship and pray to; only stupid humans do that nonsense.

    Every human is born an atheist; you had to be taught to be a theist. Ergo it is theism that is man-made.