God He gives a good speech!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by killthesunshine, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. Reminds me of John F....
  2. I think you mean to say, he reads well what's put in front of him.
  3. Ricter


    He probably wrote it.
  4. Lucrum


    Don't take much to impress you does it?

    In any case maybe we'll get lucky, and BO's presidency will end the same as John F's...quick and early.

    (And no, I did not just threaten the POTUS)
  5. Ricter


    Always careful to cover your ass. Wussy.
  6. Ahhh yes. The "I voted for Bush twice and I'm proud of it" crowd, once again lurking on the political threads.
  7. Lucrum


    Well with all the pantie waste, bleeding heart, full time Hussein knob polishers here threatening to call the men in black, do I really have a choice?

    I think of it more like using a stop loss order, than being a wuss.
  8. Lucrum


    It's not my fault. I discovered recently that I'm right brain oriented.

    Besides, I wish Osama was dead.
    Is there really that big a difference?
  9. any PATRIOT would vote for the honorable George W Bush.
  10. Obama is an empty suit. It is becoming more and more evident as time passes. His speaking skills are good but not great. I am not sure what speaking skills really count for anyway. The content of those speeches is what matters and America is rejecting the content. He has given numerous speeches on healthcare but the public is still very skeptical of his ideas and policies.
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