God, Bush, and Global Warming

Discussion in 'Politics' started by nitro, Nov 22, 2007.

  1. nitro


    I am just wondering if there are any connections between these three, or if anyone has any thoughts on on them.

  2. ya, they all suck the same ass

    talking about them is a waste of time, whenever someone brings any of these up, all you have to do is flip your finger in their face and walk away

    and since God is the cause of all things including but not limited to the other two, damn him and his pathetic existence, what a cheap shit, to create something that can't even appreciate his minute soul
  3. Of course! Bush talks to god, who told bush to go to war, to get more oil.
    This will be used to power the airconditioners necessary to counter global warming.

    And if it doesnt work, that oil could be used to power rockets to send humankind to colonise distant galaxies, something bush also professed beleif in.

    After all, moses talked to a burning bush, and magically got gods word, so bush burning oil on gods behalf to save mankind makes all sorts of convoluted sense.
  4. man


    i believe God's Word is man made. i believe that Global
    Warming is man made, but i refuse to accept that the
    remaining GW is man made. this is too much of a burden
    on humanity. he is an offspring of alien abduction directed
    from area51. yes.
  5. Maybe, they do mention flying, burning chariots in the scriptures.
    It could even be argued, "bush's" parted the red sea (communism,prescott pro nazi/shrub senior cia director, jnr signing 80 odd energy deals with russia), so maybe there is some sort of nostradamus like alien link.

    And if all this is incorrect, i only hope the flying spaghetti monster will fix it up, before the plebs are rounded up and disposed of, and the illuminati make a break for distant galaxies in some sort of space travelling vehicle.
  6. Bush believes the apocalypse is happening now.

    Global Warming is the secular version of the apocalypse with government as the saviour if, and only if, all pay substantial tribute.

    God is shaking his head thinking that they are all a bunch of dumb
  7. Re Global Warming, I think we could lower the temperature by switching from Fahrenheit to Celsius. Bush might have said that and God may agree.
  8. No, you are a fuckwit, and a butthole with egg all over your face.