god bless america.

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    hope is back. thnx.
  2. If I was in my teenage years to early 20's, I'd probably be unfamiliar enough with the Democrats to say the same thing.

    Gridlock is a vast improvement over the previous situation- no doubt.
    But it's not like we've actually gained a reliable or trustworthy government here. Not by a long shot...
  3. You hope we can get as screwed up as europe is?
  4. So you now like the party in control of the US congress and senate, fine, but please don't immigrate here.
  5. One has to actually go through every candidate to determine what the new Congress really stands for. The fact is that today "Republicans" & "Democrats" have little consistency on the issues and are all over the place.

    For example, the oh-so-wonderful Hillary Clinton had absolutely no problems on voting "Yes" for the Military Commissions Act and the related. (Personally, I never trusted that B*tch, I see right through her BS.)

    Elections are now easily rigged with Diebold voting machine, so it makes me wonder why Republicans would allow Dems to win unless it really does not matter which party controls what, it's more about which particular individuals are in place.

    I think it's more illusion than anything. But it's hard to say unless I go through each winner to see where the collective stands.
  6. hope is back...
    ...for moderation and pragmatism. thnx.

    Yaahoooo! :)

    In all seriousness, I expect a new bi-partisan spirit to dominate the houses and between the branches.
    Ethics and production will prevail.

    For the people... God bless.
  7. Do you really believe that?

    Wait until Henry Waxman pays back everybody he doesn't like with some hen house investigation.

  8. Getting justice is payback and revenge?

    Did someone tell Bush that?

  9. Yes, I do. very much . :)

    Besides, oversight is necessary in a democracy.
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    i am not in my 20s any more ... :) ...
    thing is it really could not get worse.
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