GOD and Global Warming

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Do You Believe in God or/and Global Warming?

  1. Believe in Both

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  2. Believe in God. Don't Believe in Global Warming

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  3. Believe in Neither

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  4. Don't Believe in God. Believe in Global Warming

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  1. Please contribute and Enjoy the thread!
  2. Global warnings... I always thought that it was something scientists needed as motivation to get their research funded.
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    You forgot the "This Is A Stupid Tread" selection.
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  5. Why you did not ask something more timely such as: "Is The Norway Terrorist A Zionist, Or A Zionism Defender"?
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    "Why you not" go update your $100 journal asshole; or quit trying to act like a trader.
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    Well God could cause the globe to warm;
    but he seems to enjoy fading[cooling] alore,more :D

    I believe in local climate change, this July maybe warmer than this January;
    in America. In Argentina, January tend to be much warmer than July[Friday forcast,July 29 for Buenos Aires is a low of 42.] Thats a forcast, not a prediction.:cool:

    Algore tried to get the religious & God believers to support his scam;
    heaping scorn on his opponents by insulting/naming them as ''unbelievers'' That seemed to work about as well as Soddom Husein calling military invader ''infidels''.LOL

    So the scamers changed the name from global warming;
    to climate change.
  8. what about CO2?
  9. Interesting results. Looks like its either or but not both. Never would have guessed.
  10. need more folks to vote
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