God and Evil

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  1. We know that man commit crimes, violence , etc, on innocent people. Assuming God exists, he created man, and he put him on earth.

    What is your response to this question: why would god put on earth such evil creatures such as evil-doer men? He could have created men who do not commit crimes, violence, etc.
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    So.. seems like kind of a pointed question.. what's your point? Maybe you like philosophical discussions or something..

    I'd say that God wrote a book, it has the answers, people that don't read it are sort of.. willfully ignorant.. should we that do read this all time best seller, be concerned about those that don't read God's all time best seller, in some intellectual sense of the word concerned? I don't know.. I'm not at all concerned, but that's just me... Apathy is at my very core really, it's a problem I live with every single day of my life.. sometimes even into the night... like right now. You'd think I'd be unhappy being awash in apathy but really... hmm.. life has it's moments.. this isn't one of them, but whatever..

    My apathy REALLY extends to philosophical things.. my Phil101 teacher was a bastard anyhow.. but that's another thread.. Philosophy is a complete waste, they admit now, after hundreds of years of trying to sort things out that they haven't figured out how to be happy.. What's up with that? Shouldn't we shut down the Philosophy departments all around the world and use the funds for something more productive, I mean.. life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, but philosophy??

    Did I ramble? It's the Ninjatrader scripting, it does things to my mind eventually and then I have to go... do whatever I usually do, I can't remember what that is right now...
  3. There's no evidence for the existence of God. A holy book written several thousand years ago is not strong evidence.

    Maybe god is real. Maybe there are multiple gods... maybe god is not a human. No one knows. It is absurd that certain groups try to promote their god. 30% of the world is Christian, does that mean that the other 70% is believing in a false prophet?

    Religion is the root of all evil. God did not create man... Man created god. People use religion to otherwise justify irrational acts. The more our civilizations depart from god and organized religion... the more process humanity will achieve.

  4. Going with your assumption that the anthropomorphized God exists, IMO the key to the whole good/evil argument and the fact that every day, there is a heaping dose of cruelty as well innumerable rapes and murders is because we have free will. it is our choice and the choice of the folks deemed "evil-doers" to do whatever they want to do. this is supposedly at least part of what gives rise to God's judgement when, in some Christian mythology, you die and appear at the pearly gates.

    There could be the argument that if God is truly a benevolent being, then how could he even create the behavioral propensity to commit such acts in human beings? i mean, did he create every thought, emotion, and behavior that is possible or is HE actually surprised like "wow, where the hell did that sick thought/action come from?" i doubt it but ours is not to wonder why, ours is just to do or die.