god almighty .. gore is to the left of chavez

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    and I thought we had nothing to worry about from these demotards ... and george bush is the devil. I urge everyone to go out and perform their patriotic duty and go kick a democrat in the nuts....


    Gore hits at US over climate change
    By John Aglionby in Nusa Dua, Bali and agencies

    Published: December 13 2007 13:35 | Last updated: December 13 2007 14:52

    Al Gore savaged the US government’s “obstructing” attitude and urged delegates at the UN conference on climate change to ignore Washington if necessary to pursue the “moral imperative” of a new global regime.

    “My country is principally responsible for obstructing progress here in Bali,” the former US vice-president told 2,000 of the 12,000 people attending the conference on Thursday. “[But] over the next two years the United States is going to be somewhere it is not now.” ...

    Global Carbon Tax Urged at UN Climate Conference
  2. Be grateful, he repaired a substantial part of the image-damage the monkey in the Whitehouse has done in the last years. The world sees that not all americans of stature are retarded and fixated on money and progress.
    Maybe, when the monkey is gone, the world wants to be friends again. You might need some.
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    this guys talks about a want of "friends"... in a thread discussing a global taxing authority......

    the only person that shoudl be grateful is you, ... because if you were in kicking distance, your nuts would be red, swollen and not recognizable, even to you

    another demotard aching to be ruled .... god help us

    again... seek democrats, and promptly, kick them in their nads ... although, .. that is a fools pursuit... democrats have no balls.. only an asshole that they are so willing to bend over and expose.
  4. No doubt about it, you've really thought this GW thing through thoroughly. All those scientists in the IPCC, the officials of the EU, the national scientific academies from just about every nation on the planet, numerous professional bodies - they are just after one thing: YOUR MONEY.

  5. Well, a few more 'patriots' like you and the US won't need no enemies, for sure.
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    If the guy that founded the weather channel says it's the biggest scam in history, paterson may be in better company than you. Seeing as how the scientists in the report include people who study bugs and all sorts of things that have nothing to do with weather, one scientist had to threaten to sue them to take his name off the document, the EU officials are a bunch of politicians who MOST CERTAINLY DO want your money, and lastly, a leading tv meteorologist who claims he doesn't know of another single tv meteorologist that believes in man made global warming.

    On top of all this, haven't we been through the fact that these same group of secular socialists predicted man made global cooling just thirty years ago?

    If there is one person between paterson and you who has "thought through" this thing vs just believing whatever is handed to them, I'm putting my money on patterson.
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    The intellectual elites use climate models to predict the weather and global warming models to predict global warming .... none of it is accurate... then the political elites use those warming models to create a crisis, it's all just a political power grab.. even the evidence that the earth is warming is highly selected and spun a couple times before release, you could probably take the same data and demonstrate cooling...

    Notice that nowadays Nuclear energy is considered renewable, sustainable and clean... they blocked the use of nuclear energy in the US until oil was showing signs of running out, while they cornered the market on the nuclear fuel. They will sell nuclear fuel until it runs out as well, why expect anything different?

    Global warming serves several purposes, it helps steer the titanic away from oil towards nuclear, provides more money out of nuclear fuel until it runs out and gives them more centralized political power over economies and personal lives of people...

    I ain't a gonna worry 'bout that shit and anybody that is yelling about global warming is just another tool to me. If they want to set their hair on fire and run around in circles it's not my concern really.... I hate alarmists... I recall reading an environmental magazine about 30 years ago where a big expert was quoted as saying "4000 species an hour are dying"... what a turn off reading alarmist crap like that is, I just shut down in that regard, if you are alarming me I better see a guy with a gun or smell some smoke, otherwise STFU.
  8. What the "intellectuals" like Gore won't tell you is that the UN crowd has been trying to get taxing authority over the US for decades. By combining it with the GW scare tactics, they have brought along the environut crowd who have wanted a carbon tax for decades. A global carbon tax, administered in mankind's best interests by the UN, the same group that handled the Oil for Food program. Maybe they can put Koffi Annan in charge.

    The first question to every presidential cnadidate should be whether or not they support this type of arrangement. Clearly, all the Democrats do. A couple of Republicans, like McCain and maybe Huiliani and Huckabee, do as well. Somehow I don't think the voters will see it as such a good thing.