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    Dear Traders.
    It is with deep fhapiness of we put our projections upon I publishing, to a long time our system of trade comes extracting a lot profit and reducing to the maximum one the losses. Our goal is more of 50 pips to the day! We use to more high technology for evaluate and take decisions facing the market FOREX mainly to the crossing of the currencies EUR/USD.

    Attention: All transaction I possessed risk of loss and falls to the Trader evaluate and make your decisions!
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    Projection for the day: 23 of October of 2005.

    The crossing of the currencies EUR/USD, is in tendency of decrease. The present price is: 1.1950.

    Action: Sell in ---------1.1948
    Stop loss in -----------1.1958
    Take Profit in ---------1.1915
  3. We've had a 150-pip decline, 1.4 x ATR on Friday, with no meaningful intra-day retracement yet. Are you seriously suggesting a trend continuation short entry essentially at the Friday close and a miniscule (for euro) 10-pip stop loss, prior to the Sunday open? This is not a high-probability, low-risk trade and is likely to be stopped out.
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    See and removes his conclusions, before of accept my projection evaluates today which will be movement of the crossing of the currency EUR/USD.
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    You as project the currency EUR/USD already broke the mark of 1.1928, being that we enter in the market to "SELL" in 1.1948, evaluates you already we exceed our take profit and now is alone profits!

    Soon I will be putting another for of currencies.
  6. Your writing style is very annoying.
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    Excuse mister, only I am going to help the person it will have success in the market as I come having success to some time.

    Sorry, my absence of style.
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    Okay, really, change your signature... there's no such thing as an "investment trader"
  9. I agree :D Maybe you can sqeeze your signature in couple more times, instead of just at the top and bottom of EVERY post you can put one after every sentence.
  10. It looks like it was written in a different language and ran through Babel Fish or something.
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