Go Yen Go!

Discussion in 'Forex' started by The Kin, Oct 6, 2008.

  1. Ivan, don't move this to Shit Chat. Just look at the moves. Historic! WOWWOW!
  2. Watch this thread mark the top. lol

    In that case.

    Yen has topped and will start to fall back to 105.00...
  3. I didn't move it to chit chat :)
  4. Oh come on, this thread needs to be in trading to due carry-trade relationship and equity markets. USA is gone.
  5. Daal


    Holy mother. 100yen per dollar!
  6. back to 101. We're saved.
  7. Anyone take the trade? I was in at 105.31 or something like that, didn't get out quite at the bottom, but around 101.06.

    Had the money there as a hedge for the dollars we hold through the down move I thought the market was going to make.

    Anyone got targets for getting back in? I don't think the dollar is done dropping yet, but obviously the Yen isn't that decoupled from our market just yet. I just thought the Yen trade had probably played out for the moment, so closed it out for now.
  8. Im in right now at 101.32. I think its going back to at least 103 in a few hours.

    Im also short USD/CAD at 1.1011 That puppy i think will go back to 108 at least
  9. I swear its bad luck to post your entry points on this board...soon as i did that not 60 seconds later i'm negative on my USD/CAD trade even though i was up about 20 pips as i was posting this. grrrrr
  10. Daal


    I'm long yen and cad to hedge my dollar exposure but I'm not going to try to trade around it. this yen bull market looks like it got legs. if you look back on past yen bulls they didnt end so quickly. we could see yen 90 over the next 12 months
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