Go the new Dell 5K 40" monitor...

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  1. 5K x 2K. Dell UltraSharp 40-Inch Curved WUHD Monitor: U4021QW | Dell USA

    Was considering the 4x ultra super wide 1440 style: Dell UltraSharp 49 Inch Curved Dual QHD Monitor: U4919DW | Dell USA

    But the 2k extra height is nice. Not enough to get another complete chart in there, or stack charts, but tall enough to get great context.

    Although they said Aug delivery, it came in 2 weeks. Ordered another one today, for another location where I trade. Can't haul it around!

    BTW: great color too for watching a movie. Also no dead pixels etc.

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    I have a 43 DELL non Curve and Love it, Cost me $725.00 , but I use a sit stand desk and stand all day so I have no angle view problems with it., would not go back to anything smaller
  3. is your Dell 43" a 4k monitor?
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    Dell UltraSharp 43 4K USB-C Monitor - U4320Q DELL 43 Inch Monitor
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    Got it on sale a year ago on https://www.extremetech.com/ with a DELL REBATE Card of $100 added in as well,,, ended up getting a new desktop as well to trade with
  6. A 40" monitor is way too large...you're only a foot and a half away from it. Much less, having 2 of them. I personally think the curved monitor thing is much more about hype than substance and purpose.
    I've had a multitude of various monitors and desk configurations....I enjoy using just a 19" flat monitor connected to a closed 15" laptop the best. Basic, simple, business...to the point computing, no theatrical, creative, disturbing, nonsense bs. and don't get flashy lighty gaming keyboards and mice, ugggh.
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    Too each their own I havent seen a 19 inch in a decade , you make money you reinvest in your tools, A 43 inch and a 29 inch Basic simple tools to work with. When you work on a 43 inch you will never go back,, Then again I can not see how people sit all day in a chair.... Haven't sat in a chair to trade in over a decade...
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