go short GS monday morning - no way they are "smartest guys in the room"

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  1. and if you think they are then you should watch the "smartest guys in the room" documentary:


    merrill - 8 billion dollar write down, o'neal out

    citi - 11 billion write down, prince out

    BSC - multibillion dollar hedge fund blow up, pot smoking n bridge playing ceo soon to be ousted

    and YET GS walks away unscathed? roflmao

    gs has the most in level 3 assets

    the market will always remain more irrational longer than most guys can remains solvent so just take a very small position just so you can say 'i told you so' when the shit hits the fan - gotta feed the ego every now and then

    as far as the aura around gs - completely unwarranted. everyone on the street pays big bucks for talent and gs does not have a monopoly on finance talent. gs's biggest edge is that it probably has the biggest insider info edge than all other IBs out there since it has the most ex partners in public office.
  2. Good Call. I like it.
  3. I'm sure a lot are thinking the same way. I prefer the put play.

    Who's next to drop the ball?
  4. I would not short it until it falls through 227.30. But overall, yeah, it looks like that.
  5. ssblack


    Oh come on now, someone else had to be on the other side of those other IB's losses...

  6. Rather short BSC.....it didnt rally in the market bounce back..and has yet to disclose its subprime losses (at least the real losses)

    relative stenghth wise...its the "safer" play since its been so weak

    its chart is starting to look like MER before the bad news

    as disclosue..i am short BSC..i tried shortin GS couple times in the last 2-3 months...wasn't pretty..haha

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    THis IB thing getting intersting...Looks like they coming after each one...
  8. Watch out for the bear trap.

  9. ET sentiment as contrarian indicator.

    Long GS. This will probably be there biggest profit blowout of all time.
  10. kin lol :D
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