Go PPT Go!!

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  1. Alright! We close green. You heard it first!
  2. I just finished reading this when the rally began


    All you need to know about this mental recession

    There is too much strenth in too many sectors (tech, energy, comodities) for the rebound to not be 'v' shaped.

    Consumer spending no slowdown. Wages still rising. No negative GDP.

    Read it or weep shorts.
  3. PPT is invincible!
  4. GREEN!!!!
  5. [​IMG]
  6. go go go!

    I want to close even money today!
  7. The dow will revisit 14,000 next year

    the next bull market has begun

    No EOD selloff


    Also, tons of shorts have to cover. Alot of them are on 3-1 margin.

    What that means is that a 10% rally=30% of account gone
  8. thats bold... but cmon dow... lets keep going!!!!
  9. LMAO,

    thanks for the laughs...
    I was laughing at the volatility into the weekend - it was just as crazy as it looked. Loonie bins...
  10. BZZZZzzzzzzzttttt........WRONG!

    P lanned

    P overty

    T eam

    .....fails you BULLies again......they will try again on Monday, they promise!!! :D
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