Go long SPY again, make money again!

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  1. Buy today profit this week.
  2. dont be a pussy, this is free money 128.74s and under are good to go for free money thanks to egypt and obama. Dont fight the tape.
  3. candles


    Like I said last week, that silly drop on Friday was simply an amazing buying opportunity.
    I agree, long is not wrong!!!
  4. S2007S


    The bulls were all worried on Friday, haha, this market is printing free money to everyone, by Wednesday the market will have regained back every single loss from Friday and the DOW will be back over 12k and the SPX back above 1300, why the bulls were crying on Friday afternoon is beyond me...did you really think the markets were going to be down today following Fridays sell off. HA. Stop your whining bulls, no need to worry when Bubble ben bernanke is backing up the market with free monopoly money, sit back and relax.....
  5. I went 100% long Friday mid-day at EWZ 71.77 [​IMG]
  6. can't figure out if this is a bad call or a terrible one :confused:

    spy 128.56
  7. ddlee


    I think you missed his point, Shortie. I believe he was in fact calling the S term top
  8. that's a strange way to call a top...
  9. "buying opportunity"

    This phrase makes me want to claw my balls out..... The most over used term ever in history of everything...
  10. first make sure your claws are clean and sharp

    Jack "Shortie" Kevorkian Out
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