Go Long on Bullets & Beans - Depression # 2 according to Paul Farrell

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by birdman, Nov 18, 2008.

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    dow will fall to 4000

    sheeple do no understand

    and you can't blame them

    think about it, if sheeple could choose not to be so idiotic

    they would do it

    but they can't they are what they are
  3. ====================
    Gentleman makes some great points,Birdman;
    actually many great points,like Dr.Larry Bates has for years.......

    Its not so simple as blaming the free market, as he did;
    & problem with continually crying to Uncle Sam, Uncle Sam is not God. Thanks

    However blaming it or blaming Fanny or Freddie on Democrats or President Reagan misses the point;
    and the low tax message isnt the problem, thats what CPA s are for.:cool:

    Talking to an old timer Sunday, he said they couldnt make the payment on thier farm during the great depression;
    said the lender[owner finance] said''pay me when you can''They had borrowed $800 US dollars for 300 acres farmland ,1930 's:D
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    pay me when you can - i like the concept - those were the days - I'm 52 and i remember deals like that

    heck, i ain't smart enough to understand all the problems, much less the answers ... I'm thankful dad taught us to not spend money we didn't have and to always save something ... we came from humble beginnings (read dirt poor) but that advice alone (heeded) has positioned us far ahead of most ... I've been debt free for years and never felt deprived ... i always tell young folks that a budget will allow you to have more, but most people see it as a restriction that will cause them to have less

    these are interesting times to live
  5. Well, this guy is definitly a Liberal. Obama fan for sure.

    Second, he tends to be early on his predictions.

    Three, I guess you guys better start stacking your chips faster as 2011/2012 brings in the new depression.

    3 years, plenty of time to make a few million if your in the right industry.
  6. Dude, you're only 2 years older than me, but I've never heard of a "pay me when you can" deal.

    My dad was a CPA and drummed the same lesson into me as yours did. Save as much as you can, borrow as sparingly as you can.

    My wife and I always bought houses that we could afford on 1 income. We were told we were nuts but it just seemed like the sensible thing to do.

    We'll be basically debt-free in 5 years when the mortgage is paid off.
  7. Another one of stocktrdr3's long-lost polar opposite twins.