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  1. Kick Flaco's arrogant ass! :D
  2. Chiefs, Stick your knee in his balls :D
  3. KC stinks bro
  4. Right, KC is the underdog

    and Flacco & Co think they have a lock on it. Put a knee right in his nuts KC :D
  5. Flacco almost picked 3 or 4 times.. he sucks :D
  6. Flacco just got picked ROFL! 70 yard return :D
  7. TD KC! thank YOU, Flacco :D
  8. 53 yard field goal... 17/17 no nothing asshole :D
  9. and....(drum roll please)....KC LOSES by 2 TD's......THEY STINK! :p

    PS Flacco appears to have thrown 3 Td's, 300 yds and a 96 QB rating. Sounds pretty damn good kid.
  10. Baltimore doubled KC's time of possession, almost tripled their offensive output and beat them by 14. It's amazing the game was tied at 24.
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