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  1. Does anyone trade with GO Futures?
  2. I'm a long time Go Futures trader (if 4 years is a long time). I just did a Google search for Go Futures forums and I see very little interest, surprising. Anyone else out there?
  3. Ah, Mr. 2 posts, replied to by Mr. 1 post. Do you two work for Go Futures?
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    No, how long you been an employee.... :eek:
  5. LOL.

    These clowns need to come up w/ a better way to prospect for biz. Making 2 screennames and answering yourself is so 2006. :D
  6. Very Funny guys but I don't work for Farr or any other firm. I was not aware of any trouble that Farr was in and I do sincerely appreciate your insight. I also trade with Best, are they O.K.? I'll gladly move my account to any other decent broker. I'm not in the securities biz so I'm not as up to date with the goings on as you all obvious are.

    The real reason I Googled looking for a Go Futures forum was because I've been having some pretty weird occurrences happening on my Fast Platform and Go denies this. I was wondering if anyone else has had anomalies?
  7. I do not work for Go Futures. I have my own company and I'm looking to become a Foreing IB for Futures.

    Thanks anywaye.

    Blue Rose Investments Corp.
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    jkhek21 Global Futures Inc.

    Hello Loose Cannon,

    If you are interested I can provide you some great information on futures within my company. We can provide you a competitive rate for your trading as well as a large variety of trading platforms you can choose from. Each platform I can provide you a free demo to test out, any of my technical staff can walk you through the setup. We also provide great day margins as low as $500 for E-Mini's, no minimum account size and no monthly qouta requirements.

    Also Blue Rose because of the many diffrent langauges we support, we work with many Foreign brokers and have great FB programs. If you are also interested in becoming an FB for me and my firm. You can reach me directly with the info below for more information.

    Thank you and I look forward in hearing from you take care

    1-877-367-3177 x 127

    email - jkhek@globalfutures.com
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    Yikes! Stay away from. They may be cheap, but that's not the only consideration. Platform was crappy, connection was crappy, and service was crappy. Once you figure this out and want to run far far away they only allow you out with an account closing fee and a :D. Look around a little more and you can find an OK deal with much better service. Good luck.
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