go from 30k to 1 mln in 6 months

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    I am a boy from Milan. Half Italian and half Dutch. I am affected by asperger syndrome.

    I open this thread to help me keep control and not play discretionary trade. I will only do quantitative automatic trading. Everything intraday.

    The strategies I use are very simple. Just look at the behavior of the markets and understand how you can earn from them. I will trade in equities, corporate bond end commodity futures.

    The secret of my trading system is the timer. It means that when a trade is opened, it will be a timer that closes it.

    In 10 days I will start this adventure and share my results with you. I will start with an Italian broker for their API from which I have had a proprietary software developed by programmers. Programmers are also developing with IB bees. But it will take time.

    I apologise for my English but I have difficulty speaking
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    You are more likely to lose all of your money if your goal is to turn 30k to 1 million in six months as you would have to take on an large amount of risk. Perhaps a more modest goal?
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    You'll do just fine here, no worries.

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  4. Live your dream!

    Good luck!
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  5. Robert Morse

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    Do you trade US listed stocks?
  6. “Dreams are only dreams until you wake up and make them real.”

    Go for it...I wish you the best.
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    Keep us posted!
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    Buy a basket of crushed crypto currencies. They should bounce now fork has been cancelled.
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    Wuss, I took 2Mil to 3K in only 3months, yeahhhh!!

    * Not really me poor, never had 3K let alone 2Mil LOL
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  10. @Half Italian. The quality of the commentary here should not deter you.
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