go for esignal or TS7 ?

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  1. Hello fellow traders,

    so far I've been a part time trader with a couple of PC's and datek/ameritrade/IB trading as brokers. I used and evaluated a couple of tools like instaquote, qcharts. I now want to go "Pro", with a full fledged trading platform. I've read most information on this site and checked out the info.
    My "profile": trading mostly stocks (nasdaq) and also (occasionally) stocks in Paris (I'm living in France, but I'm Dutch).
    average 4-5 trades a day. 1000 shares. Good support is crucial to me.

    Questions :

    broker/platform: I am doubting between esignal and TS7. which ones do you recommend? why?

    Hardware: I'm doubting between 4 * 17" or 3*19" LCD screens. What's your opinion? What graphics card do you recommend? I had planned 1Gb RAM. Enough? P4. Any other recommendations highly appreciated. Good and reliable HW vendors that deliver (or are located) in EUrope? Are there vendors that sell complete trading systems (dual or quad) "out of the box"?

    OS: I had planned running on XP Pro. Ok?

    Is it still usefull to continue with Qcharts if I have any of the two platforms mentioned above?


    TFD (The Flying Dutchman) from sunny south of France

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    E-signal or TS? that's like comparing a daf to a mercedes, imo.

    As for screens i would take 4 19" screens, you can never have to much screen space. I've been using Matrox cards till now, never had a problem with them. Look at Dell for reasonably priced tailor made Pc's. Can't really judge the difefrence between XP and 2000. I myself use windows 2000 and it's rock stable.

    If you have Ts, no need for QC..


  3. I deduct from your reply that TS7 is the Mercedes?

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  5. Ditch


    By the way, i'm not talking about e-signal as data-feed, that is first rate, but the charting package sucks.
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    What he said.

    I dropped Qcharts about 2 minutes after getting TS7. I was a big fan of Qcharts functionality too.

    Happy trading

  7. from esignal to TS7 about one months ago. The one problem with esignal is the lack of data storage on the hard drive to refresh your charts when switching layouts, or pages. You must download everything you need from their servers.
    With TS7 you store hsitorical data for the markets you need in the cache folder, and the most recent data not in the cache is requested for download from the TS7 servers...much faster. Also the workspaces work much better than esignals layouts, since you can have multiple workspaces open at the same time.
    Anyway, I think you will be pleased with TS7. I did like the charting/price scale rescaling better in esignal, but TS7 will have that changed in the next release.
    Also alot more data available in TS7 to download for intraday. Of course esignal is working on that, but only has about 6-8months currently.

    I spent 18 years with Metastock but became much more involved intraday about four years ago, and started using esignal for data feed into MS, which works fine. Then decided to try the charting, etc. but decided I could not do many things such as screening with indicators, which TS7's Radar Screen can do well especially with data being stored on the hard drive.

  8. E-signal was not in the same league as Tradestation before the release of the Matrix. Now its not even in the same planet...
  9. Yo JC... need a quote on NQ? :D

  10. Bro, in all seriousness -- this is by far the most stable platform/data-feed I have ever used. Occasionally it lags during highly active periods, but not often at all. I have 7-8 workspaces open at one time, one of which has a radarscreen constantly sorting through 5-600 equities and still it is the best I have ever used.

    Now kill yourself you IB loving cocky lil prick!

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