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Discussion in 'Trading' started by tampa, Nov 3, 2002.

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    Have you noticed the large number of threads devoted to asking for recommendations on one guru or another?

    Almost without fail, the threads turn out the same – a little bit of faint praise, and a good smattering of criticism. Member after member reports that so-and-so was a disappointment, and revealed little or nothing new.

    Read more closely, and you will find that the book, the seminar, the service did not instantly turn the individual into an overnight success – hence the bitterness and disgruntlement.

    Trading, as we all know, can be the key to wealth, security, and freedom. Isn’t it a bit unreasonable to expect that all that will be delivered for a few hundred bucks? Even the most casual reading of various threads on ET reveals not a thirst for learning, but rather a lust to have something presented on a silver platter.

    Wild charges are flung back and forth ranging from incompetence, to dishonesty, to outright fraud. Names are named. Currently there is a thread concerning Don Miller, where the charge is made that he “only” made $400,000+ in the past couple of years, and how dare he charge for teaching his methods!

    Much of this would be laughable, were it not so common. Of course none of it is any of my business, but it troubles me nonetheless.

    And if you really want a good laugh, or a good cry, depending on your point of view, consider the fact that all of the so-called secrets of successful trading are reported and repeated right here on this forum, day in, day out, over and over again. For the most part they are over-looked by the masses because they are free, and come from people without “famous” names. Go figure...

    The unskilled, the uninformed, and the unsuccessful talk and debate among themselves, ignoring for the most part the knowledge that they supposedly gather here to absorb.

    Life, ain’t it a hoot? Well, if nothing else, it just gets curiouser and curiouser.
  2. Those who lack the ability to execute, always focus on the "calls" of a Guru or a new system.

    They move from one system, to another system, from one Guru to another Guru. This is like the person who goes from one relationship to another relationship, always blaming the other person for the failure of the relationship.

    The truth is, that there are lots of systems that will work if you execute them flawlessly.

    If you are looking for a new system after having tried more than one good system, you need to stop looking for systems and look inside to find out why you did not make the first system work.
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    BINGO - that's the very kind of thing that I was talking about - incredibly good, sound advice, and for free.

    Now how many of you so-called "newbies" will pay attention to it? Or will you start a thread asking if xyz.com has good calls?
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    There goes the Holy Grail, yet again... still only few recognize it.

    These things remind me of the movie Stigmata.

    God lies in each and everyone one of us.

    Maybe we shouldn't be using analogies too much... it may be misleading to some.

    So in another words, "You lost because you suck as a trader. You win because you are profitable as a trader. You yourself as a trader and the methodology is a separate matter. Trading style is just 1% of what you express of who you are as a trader. It's not how but who."
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    I don't know that I see that people are "upset" that some guru or another didn't make them rich, although perhaps some are. What I see more, and think it is positive is a community of people who for the most part don't want to see others being ripped off by unscrupulous vendors.

    There are a lot of people who are truly looking for knowledge, maybe to be a supertrader, maybe just to invest their spouse's insurance policy. Why not protect these people and or give them good advice?

    Personally I am very pleased that a few posters took time to talk a new member out of paying 4K for the Business Week course and into buying a few books to get started. And if Waxie loses some business, great, he wrote a shitty book. I never heard of Don Miller, but I don't get out much, I'm only 6.

    I am also glad that people take time to post ideas that are valuable to all members new and experienced. There is so much overpriced shit for sale (not just for traders), it is great to get some valuable stuff for free once in a while.

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    Skepticism is healthy. But it's less credible when couched in abusiveness, as frequently happens on these boards. When disputing a "guru", it would be better to state the bare facts as simply and unemotionally as possible.

    "I used to be disgusted. Now I'm just amused."