Go DOWN Already. What the is going on here?! Nothing discounted?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by iceman1, Aug 19, 2020.

  1. All minimal good news is bought and all bad news is ignored. Nothing is factored in or discounted like the past 100+ years.


    Who are the nutjobs or geniuses buying nasdaq at this level? I must have learned nothing in the past 20 years after witnessing the nasdaq bubble pop in 2000-2001.
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  2. maxinger


    Stop talking nonsense!!

    Market is always correct.

    Iceman is wrong.
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  3. deaddog


    Take what the market gives you; not what you think it should do.
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  4. smallfil


    You think the big boys (hedge funds, mutual funds, banks and brokers) care what you think? They can drive the stockmarket higher or lower depending on what they are trying to do. As a retail trader, you would be best served trading with the trend. If not, you will go broke soon enough.
  5. %%
    I was thinking in MAY/market is overdue for a correction. BUT NasdaQQQ+ tech stocks/ETFs are known for super strong trends....................................................................................
  6. The train is leaving, get on it or get in front of it.
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  7. RedDuke


    Totally fascinating. Apple today hit 2 trillion mark, and TESLA is worth more than all other car manufacturing companies combined or very close to it.

    when the fall happens it will be just as epic.

    People now trained that market will
    Not go down Ever apart from very brief period.
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  8. Thats 8x annual revenue.

    High but not crazy high. Company is innovative so you would
    expect to be at the front of new technology.. ready to sell
    to the masses for decades.
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  9. smallfil


    You got that right. 20 years and counting and you still are clueless about the stockmarket. And you wonder why you keep losing monies?
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  10. Well, you are correct.
    Besides I just read that some animal rights group got involved in the financial markets; and successfully petitioned that PIGS should NOT be slaughtered. Bravo to that.
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