Go Cavs

Discussion in 'Politics' started by livinlife, May 5, 2006.

  1. Great series and amazing performances by LeBron. There's no way he's ready to take over Michael's "greatest player" label but he's something special and if he can get 3-4 titles, he may deserve that title.
  2. Bron doesn't get 3 to 4 titles with this coach and this supporting cast.

    Detroit in 5 maybe a sweep....

    Unlike Mike, Bron plays almost no defense.

    Go back and watch MJ when he played a playoff game in Boston, and dropped 63 points on one of the great teams of all time, the Celtics.

    MJ was everywhere on the defensive end, as well as being a scoring machine.

    I give Bron credit, he is the future of the NBA, but he will not likely every be both the best defensive player and offensive player on the court at the same time....

    MJ was night in, and night out.

  3. I agree zzzzzz. MJ was awesome both sides of the court. Best ever, IMO.

    LeBron is amazing for his size and age. Took MJ a few years to get the formula right but there's only been a handful of guys that had these combinations of skills (Big O, Magic, Bird )

    Will be fun to watch over the years.
  4. Concur. Bron is the NBA now...

    I would take Bron over anyone else in the league right now to build a team around.

    I hope he stays in Cleveland, and that they get some players around him...