GO BIG OR GO HOME !!! says surfer's wife

Discussion in 'Politics' started by marketsurfer, Sep 4, 2003.

  1. Surfer Dude! The only way you'll see the inside of that place (which is barely up to The Answer's standards) is if Nitro pays you to clean those seven bathrooms.

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    School's for losers. Did Mike Tyson go to college. F**k no. I came out early and my black ass is sittin in a 7 bathroom crib. Blow off all that tuition and let my man Don Bright set you up in Vegas!! Ain't no pair tradin or openin orders class in school. Maybe at UNLV when THE SHARK was there but no more. These colleges they just use you, then you get hurt and u cant sit on no tradin desk cause you got a bad spine or sumthin. F**ck classes.

  2. LOL, AI ! it's 11 bathrooms.

    you rock,

  3. wonder if you could negotiate the cars in the garage as part of the deal ??

  4. That's the only way they could get me to buy that place. No cars; no deal :D

  5. if you had it, would you spend the cash for this house, or something similar ??

    just wondering .......


  6. What do you mean IF? I already told you I'd buy it but only with the cars; otherwise, no deal. Sorry :D


  7. ok, it comes with the cars. you have 15 million cash, the house costs 9 million all inclusive. you need to spend 9 million, no mortgages. would you buy it ??

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    NO, I would not buy that house.
    If it does not float or have wheels, we ain't interested.
    The absolute last thing we would buy is a house with all that money. There are a LOT more fun things to do with it.

    Like buy all our kids and siblings a home for their families.
    Travel all over the world.
    Not have to work at all.
    Not have to worry about health insurance!

    But buy a huge house?
    NEVER! Bob used to build those monstrosities!:eek:
  9. Nope, my weekends need to be spent playing instead of upkeep.
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