Go away Irene!

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    My beloved Hatteras Island, NC is in the crosshairs!:eek:

    Why can't it go to Martha's Vineyard instead?
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    There's just no justice in the world anymore.
  3. LEAPup


    My Wife and I owned a place there, and in 2003, it was laying in the middle of highway 12 thanks to Isabel.:( She was literally devastated. I had feelings of a loss of a family member when I saw the destruction. The Island was split in half about a mile south of our second home. Here is a clip of the flyover: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AOcSoeZbS60 at 1:54 you'll see where the Island was torn in half. In addition, the ONLY highway in/out was covered with 5+ feet of sand, businesses washed into the sound, houses, etc., The 12-15 feet tall dunes completely gone... total destruction.

    Isabel hit our place at a cat2. The problem was it was a very WIDE storm, with a large eye. Irene is also a very wide storm with about a 12 mile eye. i.e., it wouldn't stop throwing punches... With history as a guide, this doesn't look good for my beloved favorite place to spend time.:( Either way cat2 or 3, with the size of the storm, I'm fearing problems, and praying.

    I called several businesses where I'm friends with the owners, and they're closed. A few I could reach on cell are in FULL boarding up mode, and getting ready to either get out or ride the storm.

    Why can't this damn thing go up to Martha's Vineyard and flush out Odumba's headgear vs. mess with my beloved Island?:(
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    Looks like it will hit NJ beaches as cat2 as well. Good luck down there.
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    Maybe some of those dumbasses from that jersey shore show should go out surfing then so we can rid ourselves of them?:D

    This one looks bad. I'd say the storm surge will be very large in areas, and the power outages massive along the Eastern seaboard.
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    Well if we are going down, jersry shore cast better go with us. Yea the surge... That is problem number one. Everyone has bulkheads, but there is no time for the sand to wash away to even expose the bulk heads, a surge just comes over everything. Nothing anyone can do.
  9. Bummer miss out on a jersey shore weekend. Hope it don't get trashed my families home is there.
    Not a bad idea if it wiped Seaside Heights clean of all the crap though.
    Stay safe you guys taking it head on.... Be careful
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    Man I was just there last week for my son's wedding. I remember having breakfast at a place in Buxton called Diamond Shoals and they had pictures under glass on the tables showing the devastation from Isabel.
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