Gnome is DEAD ON for FED, come see this

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by open, Dec 1, 2007.

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    I invite bush lovers to see this too, you know who you are, I can't name names cause then I have to make new username
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    just keeping it afloat so more people can see link above
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  5. how do you think the current banking crisis progressed... and whos buying up assets that noone wants..given the climate.
  6. The founders of the next cycle; same as always. Generally referred to as "smart money." I wouldn't say smart money. I dislike the phrase"smart money".
    Now, perhaps, than ever before, smart-money is a contradictory phrase.

    I'm viewing this as a node, a precursor to the next cycle.

    There's no conspiracy, it's a natural process.
  7. A complete load of bullshit. It's amazing that some people actually believe this entertainment.
  8. This is garbage. Common sense will disprove this. Hell, the majority of the profits eventually go back to the U.S Treasury anyways.
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    open is gnome -- hence the enthusiasm.
  10. What profits?

    US gov is broke, in case it's not obvious. Only the constantly increasing debt ceiling is allowing it to keep operating.

    It's one thing to call out obvious crazy notions, it's another to call a very well put together film garbage while stating complete nonsense that can be disproven by a middle school teenager.
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