Gnome... 10,001 Posts... and I'm outa here

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by gnome, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. This is my final post.... 10,000 posts is enough. Even for the most megalomaniacal.

    What/Who is "gnome"? Actually it's G.N.O.M.E... an acronym for "Geometric Norms Of Market Emotion"... AND the Gnome in folklore is the one who "guards the treasure".... both apropos.

    1. My primary interest in ET was always in computer hardware.

    2. I'm a former professional bowler. I thought it prophetic when I reached 300 posts and considered terminating then... aren't some of you glad I didn't... especially you DUMBASS NOBOMABOTS!... (For you non-keglers, "300" is a perfect game in bowling)

    3. In my 10,000th post, I concluded with the most important gem of wisdom I have to offer.

    "Trade PRICE.... it's your best shot".

    Adios, over and out. :D :D
  2. you will be back. this place is somewhat entertaining during those slack times. kind of like watching a reality show about a disfunctional family.
  3. Thanks Gnome, always enjoyed your posts.
  4. I am thinking the same thing. I am thinking of hanging my ET hat for good as well. I don't really enjoy it anymore as overwhelming majority of posts here do not add any value and are typically aggressive. There are 5 - 6 people here that I enjoy but I can always reach them via PM.

    Good luck to you GNOME! You have been a delight!
  5. I always thought it was seeing how many posts you can make with the word "gummint". You seem like a good guy but just need to cheer up more. So much focus on the negative is not good for the soul. Hopefully you can enjoy life instead of griping about what is wrong with it. Enjoy your retirement from ET!
  6. Oh no! 2 of the few posters worth reading leaving. Thanks for posting. Gnome had helpful tips and I always enjoyed seeing your monitor set ups Maestro.
  7. I always thought Gnome was a bot.
  8. Lucrum


    Hate to see you go Gnome.

    I considered leaving or at least taking a long break at the 5K mark.

    Most times I think the only reason I keep coming here is out of shear habit.
  9. I'll be here as long as:

    I can work a mouse and there is an ignore button and a joke thread.

    Goodby GNOME. You will be missed.:(
  10. Sorry to see you go. I've always enjoyed reading your posts, particularly the Q&A thread you did last year on new years day.
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