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  1. cartm


    Anyone on here use a IB that goes through GNI? I am switching and did a search, found 2 negative posts, something about the order desk hanging up on the guy, anyone have experience with these guys, should I look around some more or are these guys decent..........I am not looking for preferential treatment but I cannot seem to find much on these guys........tia............later
  2. they are cheap....but you get what you pay for.
  3. cartm


    Thanks for the reply but I am looking for a comparison as far as where they stand with regards to Gelber, Refco, etc.........tia later
  4. MarkHyman

    MarkHyman Advanced Futures

    GNI is one of the clearing firms that Advanced Futures uses.
    They are a very large firm, they are an extremely professional
    firm in the electronic future markets. They offer both the J-Trader
    (Patsystem) and the X_Trader(Trading Technologies).

  5. Hubert


    no problem so far
  6. chisel


    I used GNI a few years ago and I was very satisfied. I thought they were very professional.