Discussion in 'Stocks' started by S2007S, Dec 20, 2006.

  1. S2007S


    Anyone think this is a good short???

    Saw cramer hype this on his show this week around 19 and change, since than its jumped to 27+. The lockup period ends on DEC 26th, seems people are still buying ahead of this, anyone think this is ready for 22-24 area once the lockup period ends and people start selling.
  2. S2007S


    24.26, what a nice drop it was...
  3. piezoe


    Cramer told everyone the lockup ended on Wednesday, and told folks to wait until Wed to buy! Wednesday the 20th that is, Ha, Ha ,Ha!

    I think this baby is eventually going back to $15 (or lower) where it belongs. But i'm not going to short it because i know how reliable predictions are, especially when the concern the future.
  4. S2007S


    I caught that, I think it trades right back to the upper teens. I was on the yahoo forums saying it was going back to 25 when it was trading at 27+ and everyone was completely bullish on the stock saying its not going to happen. Were they wrong or what, it dipped below 24 today, finally making its way back up, I will short again at 28.50+ if it does get there again.